Voters share frustrations on Memphis Municipal Election results

Published: Oct. 16, 2023 at 7:46 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Not two weeks after the 2023 Memphis Municipal Election, the certification process by Shelby County Commissioners was met by concerned community members Monday who say a police report on the alleged theft of election equipment and materials should put things on pause.

Monday morning, Shelby County Election Commissioners heard from several upset community members about their concerns with election materials that were reported stolen.

“We ask that an investigation from a third-party or even federal level be completed into this election,” said Jerred Price, former city council candidate for Super District 8, position 3.

One day before the October 5 Memphis Municipal Election, a Shelby County poll worker filed a theft report with Memphis police claiming someone stole $1,200, a phone, keys to ballot boxes, and codes for the election.

Officers say they later recovered election materials north of where the car was parked in the grass.

Election Administrator Linda Philips disputes the report and told commissioners no codes were stolen and the ballot box was still intact.

Linda Phillips, Shelby County Election Commission
Linda Phillips, Shelby County Election Commission(Action News 5)

“It was very obvious that they weren’t used because of the audit logs show that they were starting the election about 6:20 the next morning,” she said.

County commissioners ultimately certified the votes Monday.

But community members told them the incident left them wondering if the election was compromised.

“The election results are what they are today. Our candidates will be free to file challenges or lawsuits, which will then bring the ability to investigate further to play if they so choose that. And I will be supportive of a third-party review of the election beyond today,” said Shelby County Election Commissioner Secretary Vanecia Kimbrow.

Mardarious Boyce, 18, is charged with burglary of a vehicle in connection with the October 4 break-in.

Run-off elections are set for November 16.

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