901 Now: Orange Mound resident aims to get locally shot films on the big screen

Published: Nov. 10, 2023 at 5:44 PM CST
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis’ five-time World Kickboxing Champion and Orange Mound resident Anthony “Amp” Elmore is kicking off a campaign to get Orange Mound recognized in the film industry.

Elmore leads Orange Mound Black Memphis Hollywood. He is currently filming “Rock and Roll, A Black Legacy,” which is the story of an Orange Mound superhero.

“We are a guerilla filmmaker,” Elmore said. “So, it’s not like we have a big Hollywood budget. We depend on volunteers, inspiration, and those who are artists.”

In 1988, Elmore turned his Orange Mound home into a film set and filmed Memphis’ 1st Independent 35mm film, “The Contemporary Gladiator,” which premiered in Memphis theatres.

“We are not a big-time film company, but we have the energy and enthusiasm to go out and make an independent film like we did in 1988,” Elmore explained.

Committed to telling the story of Orange Mound, both unknown and untold, Elmore has his eyes set on getting Orange Mound films nominated for the National Film Registry.

“We feel certain that with a campaign of getting Orange Mound acknowledged, we can get acknowledged by the United States Congressional Film Registry, which is one of the most powerful and important awards a community can receive,” Elmore said.

He said if he can get that done, it’ll send a bigger message.

“You don’t have to have Hollywood,” he added. “We want to show little kids all over America that you have the ability through creativity.”

Elmore created a website that shows how to nominate Orange Mound for the National Film Registry.

Click here to nominate the 1988 Orange Mound-produced film “The Contemporary Gladiator.”

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