On line scam artist lands himself in jail

Published: Mar. 25, 2008 at 9:46 PM CDT
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He claimed his remedies could cure everything from attention deficit disorder to head lice. But police said his claims were all phony.

Now Perry Belcher is in jail.

Belcher is going to need the money he said he made on eBay to defend himself against multiple charges of deceptive business practices.

Investigators arrested him for selling more than a million dollars worth of products that he claimed could cure anything from Tendinitis to Chrones disease.
The Sheriff's Department said the $1.2 million Belcher made through his multiple online businesses is through illegal deceptive means.

For example, he has pictures of people claiming to be medical professionals who endorse his products on his website. In reality, investigators said they are pictures taken off
"Gives victims a false sense of security that the product is written or endorsed by a medical professionals," Shelby County detective Steve Bierbrodt said.
In YouTube videos Belcher boasts about his sales tactics.
Belcher's next sales pitch will need to be in front of a judge Wednesday.

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