18 year-old murdered mother, then spent summer baby-sitting

Published: Sep. 30, 2005 at 9:29 PM CDT
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Noura Jackson
Noura Jackson

Action News Five was there on June 5th when 18 year-old Noura Jackson watched police bring her mother's body out of their house on New Haven.  She told police she'd come home to find her mother, Jennifer Jackson, stabbed to death.

This week, Jackson was charged with the murder.  The arrest brings closure for neighbors and shock to friends.

"She seemed like a really good babysitter," said Nadia Peters, who hired Noura Jackson to babysit her four-month old Madison.

Jackson was here with the baby all day Tuesday and Thursday nights.  "She was always on time, really reliable.  She's just really nice and friendly.  It's just weird to think that she did this because she seems like just a nice normal girl."

Peters never had any trouble with her.

But others paint a different picture.  Jenny Smith used to teach drama at St. Agnes Academy.  She taught Noura Jackson's drama classes in seventh and eighth grades and remembers regular disciplinary problems.

"She didn't really care about the fact that she was in school, didn't really care about the work, didn't really care about what she was doing from what I could tell," said Smith.

Jackson was just arriving at Nadia Peters' house to babysit when police surrounded her.

"We'd just got home and they arrested her.  And we were just in shock because we didn't know what was happening at all," said Peters.

Noura Jackson's father was killed two years ago at the gas station he owned.  The girl is not a suspect in that death.  But Nadia Peters tells me us did mention that both of her parents had been killed.  She just never went into detail.