Rape victim's daughter: 'I'm going to kill him; I want him to die'

Outburst delays trial for former MPD officer accused of rape
Updated: Mar. 27, 2018 at 5:35 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A courtroom outburst momentarily put the trial of a former Memphis police officer on hold Tuesday afternoon.

Bridges Randle is charged with raping a 23-year-old woman at gunpoint in 2000. The victim said Randle raped her when he returned to her home after responding to a domestic violence call earlier in the day.

For 14 years, the woman's attacker remained unidentified because of the rape kit backlog in Memphis. In 2014, the victim's rape kit was finally tested--it identified her attacker as Randle.

During testimony Tuesday, the victim's daughter exploded in an outburst that spilled into the hallway. Deputies reported that she even hit one of them during the outburst; she could be charged with disorderly conduct or assault.

Following the outburst, Judge Mark Ward rushed the jury out of the courtroom and hurried to contain the situation.

The outburst came after a tough cross-examination from defense attorney Leslie Ballin. Ballin raised inaccuracies between the victim's statement in 2014 and her testimony Tuesday.

Ballin insinuated that the sexual encounter was actually consensual by asking the victim if she initiated the intimate contact.

"He pulled me into my daughter's bedroom, and he pushed me onto the bed," the victim testified. "I put my hands up like that, and I asked him to stop."

The victim said Randle showed her his MPD gun and then forced her to have sex with him, while her daughter was sleeping in another room.

"I felt him raping me," the victim testified.

Randle left MPD in 2001, but not because of attack on this victim. He was not officially accused of this crime until the aforementioned rape kit was tested in 2014.

The victim said she reported to police in 2000 that she'd been raped by an officer, but never heard anything in the case until a few years ago.

Police arrested Randle in Atlanta where he was working for the Boys and Girls Club and going by another name.

Testimony is expected to resume Wednesday morning.

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