Warmer temperatures bring more burst pipes

Updated: Jan. 18, 2018 at 4:31 PM CST
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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - As temperatures across the Mid-South start to rise, plumbers are expecting to see an increase in pipes bursting.

Frozen pipes can lead to cracks that unleash water in places you don't want it.

"That's exactly what happens, it's going to split. You can imagine water coming out of there in full force. It's just like opening a faucet and letting it run in your wall," Brock Alverson of Choates Plumbing said.

Memphis temperatures are finally above freezing again, and Alverson said the warm temperatures bring the threat of pipes bursting.

"Pipes are already bursting. We've taken over 1,300 calls since the drop in temperature," he said.

If you see water coming from places it shouldn't in your home, you have to act quickly. First and most importantly, immediately shut off your water.

"A lot of houses do have whole home shutoff valves. It would be under a sink maybe in a pantry. A lot of them don't. So you do have to get out to that water main and you do need a curb box key to get that water shut off. And you can get those at Home Depot, Lowe's any big box store," Alverson said.

If you have frozen pipes and you're concerned about bursting, don't wait until your home is a pool. Alverson said Choates can unthaw your pipes and prevent the worst.

"We've unthawed over 100 jobs since the cold spurt, and that's without making repairs," Alverson said.

To keep your water right where you want it, make sure you are prepared.

"This is the coldest it's been in three years, so this is what happens," Alverson said.

Employees at Choates said they will be working overtime to keep up with bursting pipes around the city. Make sure you call as soon as you notice water pooling in your home.

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