Decoding the novel written by accused murderer Sherra Wright

Published: Dec. 19, 2017 at 10:43 AM CST|Updated: Dec. 19, 2017 at 8:10 PM CST
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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - While Memphian Sherra Wright Robinson sat in a California jail Monday, charged with her ex-husband's murder, WMC Action News 5's Kontji Anthony dove through the pages of Sherra's 230-page book "Mr. Tell Me Anything."

The novel, published five years after Lorenzen Wright's execution-style murder, is classified as urban fiction, but the main characters are eerily similar to Sherra and the slain former NBA star.

Be warned, if you continue reading this, some of the depictions from the book are graphic and this article contains spoilers.

Before we get to the details of the book, it's important to point out that Wright is in the midst of being extradited to Memphis on charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy, and criminal attempt first-degree murder.

Sherra moved to California with the former couple's six children after Wright was murdered. She appeared in a Riverside, California, court handcuffed to a wheelchair during Monday's extradition hearing, which was continued to Wednesday so a doctor could check her health.

Investigators believe Sherra, an ordained minister, and Deacon Billy Turner, from her old Collierville church, conspired to kill Lorenzen.  Turner was arrested nearly two weeks ago on a charge of first-degree murder.

As the community-at-large tries to figure out why a woman would kill the father of her children, it's hard not to see the blur of fact and fiction in her 2015 book.

Sherra's introduction to the book says in part, "My hope is that this story, though fictional, will help someone else who does not have the strength to carry on or who feels 'defeated' for not wanting to do so."

The main character's name in the book is Sharon Roberson.

Like Sherra, Sharon's from Memphis, stands 5-foot-10, and has six children.

Sherra writes, "Sharon found herself crying out for help on more than one occasion, like me. But she knew something had to change.  Why?  Because she gathered there was something absolutely missing, like me.  Don't keep crying…Jesus didn't die for that!  Trust me…Sharon found out the hard way."

Like Lorenzen, the title character "Mr. Tell Me Anything" is from Mississippi, stands 6-foot-11, and plays for the NBA in the same cities Lorenzen played.

The book begins with Sharon dealing with the pain of her mother's death from breast cancer.  Sherra's mother also died in real life, when Sherra was young.

Sharon is home from college and meets Mr. Tell Me Anything, a 16-year-old member of her dad's summer amateur basketball team. The spark begins between Sharon and the teen, as the players help her move belongings from her mother's house.  In real life, Sherra's father was a basketball coach.

The book tells of the main character pushing away the teen's advances, but Sharon eventually agrees to be his girlfriend.  A courtship follows where Sharon describes the joy of falling in love.

The story line touches on the strained relationship the main character had with her NBA boyfriend's family.

In the book, Mr. Tell Me Anything's mother is described as an embarrassment to him who was never around, someone they didn't like to speak about, and that Mr. Tell Me Anything was raised by his grandmother.

There is a chapter about Sharon's first pregnancy.  Sherra writes that the high school basketball star threw out Sharon's birth control pills and she got pregnant.

Sherra describes how Sharon paid for everything early on in the relationship, accumulating debt before Mr. Tell Me Anything then made it to the NBA.  "She couldn't believe it!" Sherra wrote, "They were best friends who fell in love.  She struggled to provide for him and their son, but now he could finally pay a bill!"

Several paragraphs are dedicated to Mr. Tell Me Anything's family fighting over the money they were expecting him to make, before the NBA player even began earning millions.

The book goes on to describe how it took six years for a marriage proposal and how Mr. Tell Me Mr. Anything's father demanded a prenuptial agreement.  The main character points out she signed the pre-nup knowing it was invalid, because it was signed two days before the wedding, instead of the legally required seven days.

Less than half-way through the book, you read story after story of Sharon finding sexts from other women, phone calls with other women, or walking in on Mr. Tell Me Anything with other women.

In one chapter, she bloodies his face, after catching him cheating yet again. "His face was all adorned in bright red blood and hers in black because of the smudged mascara and tears," Sherra wrote.

Some of chapters include "Secret Life" about the double life the NBA player was living, "Miss Honey Blonde" about a woman with whom Sharon found him having sex, and "Ride or Die Chick" about her efforts to work through the struggles.

In some instances, the NBA player would buy her expensive things, when he cheated.  She wrote, "His money was poisonous."

Deeper into the book, Sherra writes about allowing others to watch the two have sex, fat-shaming, thoughts of suicide over infidelity, domestic violence, "First he hit her, and then he held her hostage?  All and all she remembered laying (sic) there for several moments in agonizing pain.  She could only imagine what the kids were thinking as they saw him strike her."

The resentment was palpable over Mr. Tell Me Anything making the main character quit school to care for the children.  "She could have been anything that her heart imagined," Sherra wrote.

The main character's anger seems to boil up the closer the reader gets to the end of the novel.  "I'm not a girl who likes to be at the mercy of any man or woman, and I do not like to be put on hold. I want mine," Sherra wrote.

The book ends with a cliffhanger, when something catches the main character's eye that she describes as "the beginning of their end."

The last page of the book promises a sequel, but the author of Mr. Tell Me Anything is sitting in a California jail, accused of murdering her ex-husband.

It's unclear if the sequel was or will ever be completed.  Perhaps, we are all watching it play out in real life.

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