Corker, Trump feud stuns political experts

Corker, Trump feud stuns political experts
Updated: Oct. 9, 2017 at 3:13 PM CDT
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WASHINGTON (WMC) - National political pundits are still reacting to Sunday's Twitter feud between President Donald Trump and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker. The chasm between the two former allies continues to grow wider.

"What's so stunning about it, is Corker has been traditionally one of Trump's strongest allies," said Michael Sances, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Memphis.

Sunday night, Corker unloaded on Trump in a New York Times article, saying the president treats the office like a reality show and has to be contained at the White House. He went on to say that his recklessness puts the country on the brink of World War III.

"The scale and the level of the threat that's perceived for Corker is what makes this so interesting," said Sances.

Reaction continued pouring in Monday, with articles noting that Republicans on Capitol Hill mainly agree with Corker's sentiments about Trump but won't say anything publicly.

"It doesn't seem like it's in the interest of any Republican politicians these days to go out and so openly criticize the president," said Sances.

Corker announced he wouldn't run for re-election to the Senate last month.

Sances said it's still significant because Corker has time as chair of the high-ranking Senate Foreign Relations Committee to fight Trump, by getting involved in the Russia investigation or probing the campaign's possible ties to foreign entities.

"The fact that he's a lame duck, maybe empowers him to go after Trump in a way that he might not be otherwise able to do," said Sances.

Tennessee GOP Chairman Scott Golden issued the following statement on the matter:

"In 2016, the Republican Party saw its most expensive and divisive Presidential primary in history. Millions of dollars were spent by candidates and Super PACs attacking other candidates. However when the general election came, Republicans across Tennessee and the nation united around our nominee and elected Donald Trump to the White House. Tennessee's voters knew when they went to the polls that President Trump and Senator Corker are both outspoken and strong-willed Republicans who are not afraid to speak their minds. Both the President and Senator Corker stand for the core principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and economic opportunity for all and I have full confidence that they will continue to work together on policies that are the bedrock of our Party. We as Republicans, and indeed all citizens, should want President Tump [sic] and Senator Corker to be successful as they continue to make America great again."

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