Neighbor bulldozes man's home after dispute

Neighbor bulldozes man's home after dispute
Published: Sep. 5, 2016 at 11:59 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 6, 2016 at 3:23 PM CDT
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John Higdon (SOURCE: Tipton County Sheriff)
John Higdon (SOURCE: Tipton County Sheriff)
Edgar Dallas McLellan (SOURCE: Tipton County Sheriff)
Edgar Dallas McLellan (SOURCE: Tipton County Sheriff)

DRUMMONDS, TN (WMC) - A dispute between neighbors led one man to take heavy machinery to his neighbor's home and destroy it, according to Tipton County Sheriff's Department.

The incident happened Sunday in the 700 block of Grimes Road in Drummonds, Tennessee.

Deputies started receiving calls from that area on Friday regarding a neighbor that fired multiple shots into the woods.

Deputies talked to the neighbor, John Higdon, 48, who said there were multiple people hiding in and running from the woods that were wearing "ghillie" suits. Higdon told deputies he fired the shots into the woods at the people wearing the "ghillie" suits.

A ghillie suit is a type of camouflage clothing that is made to blend in with the background environment such as trees, sand, or snow.

Deputies checked the area and found no evidence of anyone in the woods.

After deputies left, a second complaint was filed regarding shots being fired again. Deputies returned and arrested Higdon for Reckless Endangerment.

The incident followed earlier reports in the week from Higdon who told deputies that approximately five people were shining lights into his residence and he believed it was his neighbor's employees.

The next day, after Higdon had been arrested, a neighbor called the Sheriff's Office and said they could see and hear a large piece of orange equipment bulldozing down their neighbor's home.

Deputies went to the area and found Higdon's home had been destroyed.

Detectives found an orange backhoe at a neighbor's house.

The neighbor, 57-year-old Edgar Dallas McLellan, was arrested for aggravated criminal trespassing and felony vandalism.

Sammy Higdon, John Higdon's brother, said he doesn't know why McLellan would want to do something like that to his brother. He said the two were not into a feud, contrary to what deputies said.

"Don't know why. Never had beef with him. No explanation," Sammy Higdon said.

Sammy Higdon is now forced to live in a camper next to where his home once stood. It's the end result of a feud Tipton County investigators said got out of control.

"This man over here decides to come over here at 2 o'clock in the morning with a [bull]dozer, a tractor, and starts pushing the house down," Sammy said.

"He run the tractor through both bedrooms where the bed sits," John Higdon said. "I still don't know what to believe."

Sammy Higdon said he just wants to know why. He said he has never seen anyone get angry and just push someone's house down.

Both of the men are now free on bond and are awaiting their court date in Tipton County General Sessions Court. Detectives are continuing to investigate and, according to Sheriff J.T. "Pancho" Chumley, they expect additional charges to be filed.

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