Man who died after 'Widespread Panic' concert thought to have overdosed on LSD

Published: Jul. 20, 2015 at 3:35 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 21, 2015 at 9:02 PM CDT
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SOUTHAVEN, MS (WMC) - Southaven police took a man into custody Saturday because he was acting erratically in public after leaving a concert at Snowden Grove Amphitheater.

That man died at the hospital.

Investigators said they were called to a disturbance on Goodman Road on Saturday.

Witnesses said Troy Goode was acting erratically because he overdosed on LSD after leaving early from the 'Widespread Panic' concert.

Video from witnesses shows Goode's legs tied behind him, as first responders put him on a stretcher and into an ambulance.

One witness, attorney David McLaughlin, said the incident concerned him.

"At one point in time, you can hear people gasp," McLaughlin said, referring to video his family members took of the incident. "From my vantage point,  you can see he was convulsing and that's what had people scared."

McLaughlin added that what he saw before the video was shot had him most concerned. He said he saw Goode moving about erratically in the parking lot, but did not think he was a danger to anyone around him.

"The police officer at some point in time took him down to the ground and was on his back," McLaughlin recalled. "I thought that was odd."

McLaughlin said he told police that he was a lawyer and the methods they were using were extremely dangerous.

"He explained to me the paramedic was with him and didn't seem too concerned," he added.

McLaughlin said that not long after he watched Goode calm down in the stretcher, he died at the hospital. Now he has a lot of questions.

According to investigators, Goode stopped breathing and died about two hours after arriving at the hospital.

"I don't know who was in charge of monitoring his respiration," said McLaughlin. "At one point in the video, you can see no one is looking at his face."

Meanwhile, Goode's friends said they have just as many questions about that night.

John Milner said he's known Goode for seven years, and described him as a fun-loving father and husband.

"He was barely 130 pounds soaking wet," Milner added. "Why he would have to be subdued so roughly, I have a lot of questions about it."

Milner also said he didn't believe his friend had ever taken drugs like LSD before.

"Nothing like that, I mean, maybe a little bit of pot."

However, according to a Memphis police report from 2008, officers arrested Goode outside the Mud Island Amphitheater and accused him of disorderly conduct. When asked, he told officers he had taken LSD.  When paramedics tried to take him to the hospital, he hit one in the chest and spit on them, then spit on an officer.  Officers put him in restraints and took him to the hospital.

Still, Milner said after seeing videos of what his friend went through Saturday before paramedics took him to the hospital where he died in custody, he wants his questions answered.

"To me, this whole thing screams negligence, and I hope it's thoroughly investigated," he explained. "The bottom line is, they had him in custody and then he died, and that tells me somebody somewhere screwed up."

Autopsy and toxicology reports are scheduled on Goode's body to help investigators figure out if the LSD or anything else he may have taken could have contributed to his death.

When asked why Goode was restrained the way he was, a Southaven police spokesperson said, "It is normal protocol and procedure to use the restraint that is deemed necessary to stop an individual from continuing to hurt himself or herself or to protect medical personnel while they treat them."

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