Students, parents react to fake Ridgeway High School student

Ineligible Ridgeway High School student
Published: Mar. 4, 2013 at 4:26 AM CST|Updated: Jan. 13, 2017 at 3:52 PM CST
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(WMC-TV) - Parents of Ridgeway High School athletes are speaking out about a student who faked his way into their school, and cost their kids a chance at a championship.

The Ridgeway Roadrunners were kicked out of the state tournament because of an ineligible player.

Now parents want answers about the man at the center of this developing scandal.

Parents and players said that his name is McKinzey Sewell. They said he went to school and played basketball with the team side by side. The team did not know he wasn't eligible to play or to even be a student at their high school.

"I wouldn't want to hurt nobody like that," said Ridgeway Senior Desean Dockery.

Dockery had no idea one of his teammates would cost him a chance at a state championship.

"He just act like one of us, we didn't really hang with him," he said.

Dockery said last Thursday, the entire team learned that number 22, McKenzey Sewell wasn't eligible to play.

come to find out the young man had already received a GED from the Shreveport Job Corps in Louisiana.

The Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association said Sewell was 18-years-old, and enrolled at the school. He was also living with a girlfriend or wife.

It wasn't discovered until Sewell got in trouble at school. That is when officials realized he had provided false transcripts to the school, and wasn't eligible to play.

Coach Henning immediately reported it to the TSSAA.

"Our rule states that if you play an ineligible athlete in tournament play that the team is removed form the tournament," said Henning.

A quick search of Sewell pulled up three separate Facebook profiles all with the same photos.

One profile said he was a student at Ridgeway and a basketball player at Ridgeway High school. Another profile said he went to school in Louisiana, and a third showed a GED from Job Corps.

Ridgeway High School parents said he was 22 years old.

"He formed relationships and bonds with these kids, they're thinking that he is one of them," said parent Kim Gillespie.

No one has heard from Sewell since Thursday.

Parents and students are frustrated that no criminal charges have been filed.

"We need some answers and nobody is responding to us and our concern about our kids," said parent Dennis Price.

Action News 5 has reached out to Memphis City Schools and we have not heard back.

As far as the woman Sewell was allegedly living with, Action News 5 has been unable to get in touch with her.

Also it is unknown if Sewell used his real name to register at the school.

At this point no charges have been filed, check back with WMCTV.COM. This story will be updated with more information as it is received.

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