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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - We start in the grocery store with precut fruit and vegetables. According to, the markup runs around 40%. You can save almost half buying fresh produce and slicing it yourself. 

Greeting cards send a personal message of care, but at what cost? There's a 200% markup at most stationary stores. For pennies you can make one yourself or print one from the internet, instead of paying 3 or 4 bucks. 

Sipping that chardonnay over a nice meal will cost you 300% more in a restaurant. You're paying for the possibility that the whole bottle won't be used and some will be thrown away. 

That caffeinated treat at your local coffeehouse sure does taste good, but touts a 300% markup. Most concoctions can be made at home for 25 cents.

Prescription drugs have seen their biggest price spike in eight years, according to AARP. Their cost can see markups up to 3000%. And while brand name drugs went up, generic drug prices fell almost 10% last year. 

If you can't watch a flick without the buttery movie theater popcorn, then you'll eat the cost of a 1,275% markup. Theaters make almost half of their money on concessions and strive to keep ticket prices as low as possible. If the ticket is too much, you won't go see the movie-and come in to buy high priced popcorn. 

Bottled water sports a hefty 4000% markup. You pay more for bottled water than you do for gasoline. 

And the worst markup offender - text messages. That quick little message might cost a mere 20 cents, but it only cost the provider 3/10ths of cent to process. That's a 6000% markup and nothing to lol about. 

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