Mental Health Needs Are Growing. The Good News: Local Help Is Available

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According to Mental Health America, nearly 1 in 5 adults in the United States live with a mental health condition. Ad

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d to that a recent study from USA Today that concluded one in three COVID-19 survivors were diagnosed with a mental condition no more than six months from their infection date, and it is evident that mental health resources are critical now more than ever.

The first step is realizing the host of misconceptions out there around mental health. Some truths:

- Mental health doesn’t just impact adults - Mental Health America of the MidSouth serves more than 20,000 children throughout Tennessee each year

- Mental health conditions are common and treatable – once causes are identified proper care and treatment can help many individuals recover and prosper

- Mental health doesn’t discriminate – while prevalence is higher among women and ages 18-25, mental health affects all ages groups and demographics

The second step is knowing where to find help. Mental Health America of the MidSouth has been helping Tennesseans for 75 years realize that Hope Is Here. Local resources include:

- Online screenings are some of the quickest and most confidential ways to determine if you are experiencing mental health conditions

- Numerous organizations near you are here to help. This link provides a listing for over 100 local entities, some of which offer their services free to those in need

If you, a loved one or someone you can for is experiencing a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety, connect with Mental Health America of the MidSouth today via our website or Facebook.

This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

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