Spreading A Message of Hope During Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Sponsored - The following content is created on behalf of Mental Health America of the MidSouth and does not reflect the opinions of Gray Media or its editorial staff. To learn more about Mental Health America of the MidSouth, visit https://mhamidsouth.org/


Since 2008 September has been a month nationally designated to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Now in its 15th year, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month brings a message of hope in the form of local resources and organizations available to those in need.

  • Knowing the warning signs of mental illness, some of which are listed below, is one of the first steps:
  • Growing inability to cope with daily problems
  • Social withdrawal
  • Prolonged sadness or irritability
  • Extreme highs and lows
  • Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Substance abuse

Many resources exist for those in need. Mental Health America of the MidSouth is one of those local resources for area Tennesseans. If you, a loved one or someone you care for is having suicidal thoughts, connect with Mental Health America of the MidSouth today via their website or Facebook.

There is also a new national hotline available for those in need – the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. This new lifeline, accessed by dialing 9-8-8, is free, confidential and available 24/7.

This project is funded under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.