How to be proactive in women’s breast health, now and going forward

Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center

Sponsored - In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are highlighting a true rarity located right here in the Mid-South.

The specialists at Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center offer a full spectrum of care including preventative and early detection programs, the latest diagnostic and treatment options, breast surgery, survivorship, and supportive services.

All of the following breast health services are located together at Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center:

(7945 Wolf River Boulevard, Germantown, TN 38138 - inside West Cancer Center & Research Institute)

Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center

Prevention & Early Detection:

- Mammography

- 3D/Tomosynthesis

- Breast Ultrasound

- Breast MRI & Biopsy

- Stereotactic Ultrasound & Biopsy

- High Risk Breast Clinic

- Genetic Testing

- DEXA Bone Scan

Breast Specialists:

- Surgical Oncology

- Breast Radiology

- Breast Medical Oncology

- Radiation Oncology

- Clinical Research

Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center

Comprehensive Cancer Care:

- Breast Tumor Board

- Surgical Management

- Cancer Treatments

- Palliative Care

- PT/Rehabilitation

- Lymphedema Therapy

Supportive Services:

- Financial Navigation

- Nurse Navigators

- Nutritional Counseling

- Psychology

- Social Work Services

- Home Health / Hospice

- Acupuncture

- Art Therapy

- Chair Yoga

- Mindfulness / Meditation

- Spiritual Services

- Support Groups

Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center

According to a recent study conducted by the Memphis Breast Cancer Consortium, Margaret West’s full-service breast clinic is unique in the Mid-South. Finding all of services listed above in one central location is quite unusual, making Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center an invaluable resource for women in this community.

The study also found that over 70% of the Breast Center’s patients studied during this initiative needing a biopsy received this procedure within 5 days of their initial mammogram. The national average is 14 days.

Patients are able to not only receive a full spectrum of specialized care all in one place, but they can also expect collaborative efforts on diagnosis and treatment plans with Breast-Specific Tumor Boards taking place weekly for complex cases. Participating specialists include surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast-specific radiologists, pathologists, clinical researchers, genetic counselors and more.

In short, although Breast Cancer Awareness Month is dedicated to the month of October, at Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center, breast health is always the primary focus.

From annual mammograms to cancer treatment and survivorship - women can access all the breast health care they need in one place.

For more information, visit or call 901.692.9600.

Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center