Social Distancing Bracelets Program Proves Effective Worldwide

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 3:56 PM CDT

PORT ORANGE, Fla., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Over a year into the pandemic and business has skyrocketed for a company that launched wrist bands to safely communicate social distancing preferences in group settings. It's safe to say that Social Bands are here to stay, as the business continues to expand and capture national and international attention.

Social Distancing Program
Social Distancing Program
Social Distancing Program with color coded bracelets explodes in 2021

Social Bands was launched in May of 2020 when the entrepreneurs who made their debut on Shark Tank, saw a critical need for a new way to communicate social distancing preferences. The bands, which work on a red, yellow, green light basis, are provided upon entry to a large social setting and attendees are given the option to choose which color they best relate to. When someone is wearing red, others know to take the distancing very seriously.

"When management at my company announced the implementation of Social Bands, I felt a sense of relief. I could return to work wearing a red band and silently tell my peers what felt awkward to say aloud. I was met with understanding and respect and it has made the transition back to work much more comfortable," said Deborah H., a Social Bands user.

In the short time that Social Bands has been around, they have been utilized by businesses, trade shows, schools, weddings, film festivals, concerts, and more. Social Bands currently ship all over the world and the affordable, easy to understand program has been implemented in over 50 countries.

"We are thrilled at how receptive people have been to our program. We hope that as we navigate this 'new normal', people continue to show compassion for others and explore ways of accommodating preferences in large social settings," said Desiree Haller, co-founder of Social Bands.

Major celebrities and news outlets such as Fox News and NYK Japan have taken interest in the company and even Mark Cuban, who initially partnered with the entrepreneurs on Shark Tank, has shown public support on LinkedIn.

So, what's next? The Social Bands team is working to create custom packages that meet specific event needs. The company strives to work with as many groups as possible and no longer sees Social Bands as merely a tool to get through the pandemic, but rather as a way to accommodate and respect personal preferences in all future group settings.

Please visit to learn more about the company and to see what options are available for your organization or next group function.

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