901 Now: Local businessmen promote Memphis swag

Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 6:17 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A week after eyes were on small businesses, some local businesses are trying to keep up the momentum.

Two business owners say their grit and grind is how they keep afloat in the 901.

“Hustle. Put in the hours, put in the work,” said Brandon Hobbs with M-Town Merch. “Crank this thing up. Make sure the city and anyone who lives outside the city can really love and enjoy and really show off where you were born or where you feel like you belong.”

Hobbs is the founder of M-Town Merch. Selling Memphis-based swag that you can wear to sporting events, around town, or just relaxing at home

M-Town Merch
M-Town Merch(Action News 5)

“The sweatshirt I have on right now, our big block M sweatshirt,” Hobbs said when asked what’s his most popular items. ”Our Memphis speed shop hat is amazing. People love it. we get a lot of great feedback on it. Our jerseys, and jersey shorts. It’s great to see them around town. People wear them all the time and it’s refreshing to see.”

Ronald Watson is the founder of Premier Design, a sports novelty company.

Watson specializes in producing fan chains for Memphis-based teams, Mid-South teams and several other national teams—an idea that originated from wanting to represent his favorite teams in a different fashion.

“I said when I go to the Super Bowl party, I’m going to have something on that no one else has,” Watson said. “Because you’ve seen fan chains for years that have the foam logos, but I decided I’m going to put a helmet on mine and be totally different.”

Premier Design
Premier Design(Action News 5)

In a city with a lot of pride, the entrepreneurs use their merchandise to reflect their grit and grind--something many local owners have in common.

“You have to have thick skin in Memphis,” Hobbs said. “If you can stand up to the adversity if you can stand up to anyone saying you can’t or just not liking you for any general reason, you can make it anywhere.”

“Once you get the public behind you and they see you have a good product and see the type of person you are, they typically stay behind you,” Watson added.

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