Bottom Line: Dorm room deals

Published: Jul. 27, 2023 at 7:01 AM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC/CONSUMER REPORTS) - Whether you’re a college freshman about to be away from home for the first time or a senior living off campus, Consumer Reports is here to help you tackle that seemingly never-ending shopping list with some college dorm essentials that will help you live large even if your space is small.

Adriana Yanez is gearing up to go back to school in a shared dorm this month.

“My favorite parts about living on my own at school, half of it is the freedom, but the other half of just experiencing new things, just kind of getting that taste of being by myself,” Adriana Yanez, Student.

But with that freedom comes a lot of responsibility. Consumer Reports says you can start by making sure you have the right items for your living space.

“One of the biggest challenges of college life is adapting to a shared space – and that could mean sharing a bathroom shared living rooms. And when it comes to living in these types of arrangements, Staying organized is key,” said Anna Kocharian, Consumer Reports.

Make your shared bathroom experience a breeze with a shower caddy.

This Madesmart Soft-Grip Tote is as low as $10.31 at Target. It comes with ventilation holes that promote airflow to help minimize that funky shower smell.

Next, organize and decorate damage free.

This Command Variety Pack is as low as $17.98 at Amazon. You can use them to corral cords underneath a desk, hang towels from a door, or even hang bags and accessories.

Getting a good night’s sleep in college isn’t always easy but a good pillow can help. The Coop Sleep Goods The Original Pillow is one of CR’s top-rated adjustable pillows and is $72 at Amazon and Coop Sleep Goods.

Now to the desk, ideally one that’s ergonomically sound!

This Insignia Ergonomic Laptop Stand is now $29.99 at Best Buy. This stand can raise the laptop about 10.5 inches off the desk.

Finally, an item you can use for your studies and having a good time with friends - the JBL Clip 4 Wireless & Bluetooth Speaker is $79.95 at Abt Electronics and Amazon.

An exciting time for Adriana as she gets ready to go back to school this month while keeping her budget in mind.

“My least favorite part about shopping for the new school year is the pricing of everything other than that I love it all,” said Adriana Yanez.

Your student ID can also unlock savings on back-to-school gear like a new laptop or phone, as well as books, clothing, and video streaming services.

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