5 Star Stories: Artificial intelligence at MoSH

Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 8:59 PM CST
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Artificial intelligence has become a part of our everyday lives. But, its history actually dates back thousands of years.

A new exhibit at the Museum of History and Science (MoSH) takes visitors on a trip through that history, as well as its future.

In our quest to showcase the people, places and things that make us proud to call the Mid-South home, we’re delving into “Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & the Machine.”

According to the Executive Director of the group that put the exhibit together, artificial intelligence is the most important technology on planet earth right now. HP Newquist heads up the Relayer Group -- a media and education company that put together the traveling exhibit.

“It’s in our phones ... it’s Siri ... it’s GPS’s that get us from one place to another ... the things that make recommendations to buy online ... And what this exhibit does ... it shows how not only A.I. does those things, but how it compares to the way we do them,” Newquist explained.

He added that the exhibit is for all ages and is presented in an easy-to-understand format that focuses on the technology and its history -- from an ancient Greek legend about a mechanical man guarding an island to Frankenstein’s monster, which is a first-of-its-kind story about an artificially-created human.

As Newquist described, “So, people will see where the origins of artificial came. But, then they’ll start experiencing why artificial intelligence is different than human intelligence -- and it’s the way we perceive the world.”

Visitors can also interact with practical A.I. through puzzles, illusions and computers.

“And as they go through, they’ll start to see more complicated versions or more complex versions of A.I.,” Newquist said.

The exhibit ends with some questions like: What do you think the future will be? How do you feel about it being a part of your life?

“So, we’re really looking at not only historically, but technologically from start to finish,” clarified Newquist.

Although A.I. can do wonderful things for us, there’s also a need for better understanding of the technology.

“It’s not yet something that we need to be afraid of ... but it needs to be understood so that people can get a grasp on the future of working with this technology” he advised.

And the idea behind this exhibit is to prepare us for the future while exploring the past in a city we’re proud to call home.     

“Artificial Intelligence: Your Mind & the Machine” will be on display at MoSH, formally the Pink Palace Museum, through May 6.

And this summer, the museum will host another exhibit by the Relayer Group, entitled “America at the Crossroads, a Look at American History Through the Guitar.”

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