Mid-South mother brings triplets home for first time since birth

Published: Dec. 24, 2022 at 6:54 PM CST
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Mid-South Mother has three reasons to celebrate this Christmas.

Her triplets, who were born last year are spending their first Christmas at home after being in the hospital.

It’s not about the gifts this year for a new mom, Brittany Forbes.

“You hear all the time in the songs ‘I’ll be home for Christmas, I’m home for the holidays,’ and that’s all I wanted,” Brittany Forbes said. “And this year I actually get to get that.”

Forbes gave birth to her girls last December.

Her babies spent quite a while in the NIC-U so having them home for their first Christmas just a few weeks after turning one has brought nothing but joy.

Forbes is a single mom by choice.

She says she’d always wanted a baby but was told by doctors she wouldn’t be able to have children, and if she did, there would likely be complications.

Her pregnancy was a surprise but the even bigger surprise was finding out she’d become a mom of three

“My exact words were, there’s 3 babies I only have two hands,” she said. “What am I going do, there’s 3 babies.”

Her hands are full most of the time but Forbes says the happiness her baby girls bring is well worth it.

“It feels great, it’s a complete 180 from last year,” she said.

Forbes says she’s also to have her own family now, with her daughters River, Landen and Skye.

“Christmas to me now just means family, unity, happiness,” Forbes said. “Just being able to share your love with someone unconditionally ... and you can’t quantify how much love there is for these girls ... just to me Christmas is about family ... and being together.”

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