NBC’s Young Rock star raises her real-life family, runs businesses and sizzles living out her acting dream

Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 11:17 AM CST
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - An attractive brunette took center stage at the Indie Acting Studio in Bartlett, a suburb of Memphis, Tenn., and had fifty aspiring stars of stage and screen in the palm of her hand.

Arlyn Broche, who plays the female lead on NBC Universal’s “Young Rock,” enthusiastically told those who dream of being cast on stage or screens large and small about the mindset they need to adopt right now.

“You’ve got to work out like a movie star,” Broche preached. “You’ve got to eat like a movie star; you’ve got to think like a movie star; you’ve got to do everything in your life like a movie star,” the actress told the crowd that was locked on to every observation she shared.

The fifty Memphis-based actors had learned Broche practices what she preaches when it comes to the discipline required of those who strive for the spotlight. The rising star devoted the past decade to acting and scoring a role like the one she’s now playing in season three production in Memphis, Tennessee.

YOUNG ROCK -- "The People Need You" Episode 301 -- Pictured: Arlyn Broche as Dany Garcia --...
YOUNG ROCK -- "The People Need You" Episode 301 -- Pictured: Arlyn Broche as Dany Garcia -- (Photo by: Katherine Bomboy/NBC)(NBC | Katherine Bomboy/NBC)

Arlyn Broche plays Dany Garcia, Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson’s girlfriend, first wife and to this day -- the unseen hand in the superstar’s success.

“I remember when my agent (Lisa Lax) says to me: It’s Dany Garcia. I said what an honor, what a privilege, what an opportunity to show the world this woman that has done so much and is so inspiring for the community,” Broche said after the actors’ workshop.

The Miami-based actress shuttles between her South Florida home and network TV sets in Memphis these days, ping ponging from her real-life family to her made-for-TV one.

Memphis was the launching pad for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s meteoric professional wrestling career in the mid-1990s. So it only makes sense that the city now serves as home base for production of “Young Rock” after Johnson and his team decided to move production of the NBC Universal show after producing the first two seasons mostly in Australia.

Born to Cuban parents who fled their homeland during 1980′s Mariel boatlift, Broche grew up with an older sister and brother and a desire to put on a show.

“My brother, my sister and I would do skits. You know and I would wear these heels and I was this little and it was just so much fun,” the actress recalled.

But after marrying her teenage crush, Ozzie Broche, Arlyn put acting on the shelf and devoted herself to her family first and several career paths before the lights, camera and wrestling action of Young Rock.

A mother of three children, Justin, Victoria, and Sophia, Broche and her husband dedicated themselves to several businesses far from the big or small screens.

“I had a bakery. I worked that bakery for many years. I learned how to do so many things there,“ Broche said. “I was a healthcare administrator, had a billing company. We also have a real estate development firm,” Broche said.

But the dream of an acting career remained in the back of her mind, and she decided to go for it even after all the challenges of raising a family and running businesses.

Broche dedicated herself to following the encouragement she offered to the Memphis acting workshop: “It’s being the hero of your own movie, being the star of your own movie,” Broche said. “We ask ourselves, are we eating good? Are we working out? Are we paying attention to our brain health?” the actress shared.

Arlyn Broche presents advice to students at Indie Acting Studio
Arlyn Broche presents advice to students at Indie Acting Studio(Action News 5)

Dany Garcia, the woman Broche plays on Young Rock, is also the child of Cuban immigrants. Garcia is Johnson’s ex-wife, mother of his daughter and longtime business partner. Garcia commands a business empire now that features the production company she cofounded with Dwyane Johnson, Seven Bucks Productions.

The Beverly Hills-based company makes Young Rock and a host of hit movies starring Johnson, now the highest paid movie star on the planet. The businesswoman founded The Garcia Companies and manages a host of brands and a variety of business interests, many involving Johnson. The pair own the XFL which says it plans to resume play in February 2023.

Broche, sometimes speaking in whispers to the Actors’ Workshop attendees, said she’s followed the trajectory of Johnson’s and Garcia’s careers for a long time, “She is a bad ass,” Broche informed her listeners. “She’s the first women to own her own football league. She owns her own clothing line behind the scenes. She’s mother of his first child. She is the woman who architected the empire that they have at this current moment. He is magnificent (Dwayne Johnson), and you cannot take away from his work ethic and what he does but a lot of people don’t know about her because she’s mother of his first child, business partner I mean they are like this (Broche put her hands together) They divorced but they are like this (uniting her hands even more closely).”

As a teenager, Broche says she met Johnson and Garcia while they were working out at a Miami fitness club. At the time, Johnson was at the height of his stardom in the WWE. At the prompting of her brother, a huge wrestling fan, Broche says she approached the Rock and remembered he obliged promptly, “So nice, so nice. Walks up to the front, signs the autograph. Shakes my hand. Wow, that guy really has soft hands,” Broche says as she laughs remembering that moment.

Sixteen years after that chance encounter in the gym, Broche says she was cast as Tonya the pharmacist on Johnson’s HBO series, “Ballers.”

“If you watch the show, it’s a fun scene,” Broche said. “Fast forward six years later, I’m playing Dany Garcia which is his first wife, mother of his daughter, business partner, I mean full circle moment,” Broche said.

Since being cast for Young Rock with the help of her Memphis- and New York-based agent, Lisa Lax, Broche says she’s had a conversation Dany Garcia, the woman she met with The Rock at the Miami Gym all those years ago.

“Dany inspires me in so many ways and I’ve followed her career for a long time,” Broche said.

YOUNG ROCK -- "The People Need You" Episode 301 -- Pictured: (l-r) Uli Latukefu as Dwayne,...
YOUNG ROCK -- "The People Need You" Episode 301 -- Pictured: (l-r) Uli Latukefu as Dwayne, Arlyn Broche as Dany Garcia -- (Photo by: Katherine Bomboy/NBC)(NBC | Katherine Bomboy/NBC)

The actress, whose age is undisclosed, plays a 25-year-old Garcia opposite Uli Latukefu, an Australian actor who resembles Johnson’s muscular build and facial features.

“He is a wonderful human being,” Broche says of her co-star. “We can work and have the dynamic and the chemistry and what we do to create the relationship between Dwayne and Dany on-screen. It’s almost a feeling. He’s such a great guy,” Broche said.

Latukefu has learned The Rock’s famous wrestling moves and his trademark raised eyebrow just as Broche offers robust and impassioned cheers and boos ringside as the actors play their scenes inside a darkened FedExForum (home of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies) with hundreds of Memphis-based extras doing their best imitation of a WWE crowd.

Broche has raised a family, run businesses, and then stayed true to her acting dream this last decade. The rising star says the actors who came to Bartlett to hear her philosophy need to stick to their vision:

“I think I didn’t allow failure to be a wall and I feel like a lot of times it can feel like a wall and it can look like a wall, but failure is not a wall. it is just a stepping-stone and that’s what I did,” Broche says, referring to the roles she auditioned for but didn’t get a call back.

The actress says working from her Miami home, filming herself on Instagram and sharing her takes, good and bad, with her followers has helped her grow as an actor.

“If I say something stupid, I keep it in there. Those are the things I get the most reactions from,” Broche said. “Doing stories on social media has helped me with my auditions. It makes me more comfortable in front of the camera,” the actress said. Fifty Memphis actors took note.

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