Mother furious after videos surface of an adult fighting her daughter

Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 7:19 PM CDT
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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (WMC) - A DeSoto County Schools mother is still coming to grips with a situation from last week that has since gone viral on social media.

Shemeka Stringer’s daughter, Sparkle, was involved in a fight outside Lake Cormorant High School, which included other students and another DeSoto County parent. The fight happened on Oct. 19.

“I was heading to pick up dinner,” String recalled. “My daughter is calling me, screaming. She’s literally screaming, saying she was just attacked by an older adult.”

Several videos that surfaced on social media, following the fight, show an older woman, who we know is also the parent of a Lake Cormorant student, pulling Stringer’s daughter’s sweatshirt over her head and punching her multiple times before the fight is broken up.

When Stringer arrived at the school, she said her daughter’s eye was swollen, and a school official told her it was her daughter who started the fight.

Stringer had her suspicions.

“I go into the big office and say ‘Don’t you people have cameras? Run the cameras back,’” Stringer recalled saying. “They finally called us back into the office, and the very first thing the principal does is apologize to me.”

The videos also showed this parent walking the halls of the school, talking with Stringer’s daughter.

This concerned Stringer because of how easy it was for this parent to get into the school.

“I’m like there’s no way that my daughter was beaten like this,” Stringer said, talking about when she first saw the videos. “She continued to hit my child, a 42-year-old woman. Finding out that (the school) let her walk right out of the building, that was a punch in the face.”

When asked how this all started, Stringer said it was between her daughter and the parent’s daughter a few days before.

“The young lady wanted my daughter to fight with her... but my daughter told her (the fight) had nothing to do with her. She didn’t want to fight,” Stringer said.

Stringer said the other student harassed her daughter repeatedly, leading up to the fight last Wednesday.

DeSoto County Schools tells us that the parent has been banned from the school campus.

DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office tells us this is an ongoing investigation and that the mother has an outstanding warrant for trespassing, with at least one more awaiting a judge’s signature.

Four students were also charged, but those charges have since been dropped.

Stringer’s hope from all of this is that the school district takes better precautions when it comes to security so that not just anyone, even a parent, can easily access the school building.

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