Local personal protection specialist gives AirTag safety tips

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 7:51 PM CDT

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A local personal protection specialist is giving his take on Apple Airtags after a Memphis man was arrested on Monday for using one to stalk a woman.

Ernie Hall works in personal protection for a number of local clients in the Mid-South. He saw Monday’s story about the woman who was stalked and harrassed for months.

He says the first thing that made him stop and think was the victim’s statement to police, which said that she had been getting iPhone notifications that an AirTag was nearby since early February.

“If your phone keeps telling you someone is tracking you — once, it could be anything,” Hall said. “If you get that notification two, three or four times, you’ve got a problem.”

Hall said that if something like this happens, stop somewhere in public and call 911; then, try to locate the AirTag.

He said victims should try to avoid touching the device until police arrive so they can get fingerprint evidence.

However, he also said if you feel nervous that you are still being followed, disassemble it right away.

To take an AirTag apart, you simply press and twist the device slightly. Then, remove the chrome backing (or battery) to deactivate the device.

Hall told Action News 5 that police can then use the serial number to track down exactly where the AirTag was purchased and locate the individual that could be tracking your every move.

Hall, who has an AirTag on his own set of keys, said it’s important to remember that when it’s used for its intended purpose, AirTags are a great product. However, he said it’s important for the public to stay vigilant with all technology.

“It seems like more and more things are happening lately, and everyone needs to stay aware. It’s just not normal to ride along and your phone keeps dinging,” he said.

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