Billboards go up in Jackson area promoting access to abortion pills

Published: Jul. 18, 2022 at 8:08 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The fight for abortion access is continuing, and some groups are looking for loopholes.

The last remaining abortion clinic closed less than two weeks ago. Now, the pro-choice push has taken on a different life.

“That will not be the final word, you can ban abortion clinics, but you can’t ban information,” described Olivia Raisner, Mayday Health Co-Founder and Creative Director. “And that’s where Mayday comes in.”

If you’re traveling down parts of Highway 49 in Richland or I-20 in Jackson, you may spot one of the billboards from the national nonprofit. They all have the same message, “Pregnant? You still have a choice.”

“We’re an education nonprofit that spreads information about safe, effective abortion pills so that everyone in Mississippi and in all 50 states can have access to the best information to be able to make decisions about their own reproductive health,” noted Raisner.

But Mississippi’s trigger law is currently in effect, banning most abortions. So, the group is linking to resources that can help with workarounds to access.

“You can set up a mail forwarding address in a state where abortion is legal and sign up for the safe, effective abortion pills and get them sent directly to your home,” said Raisner. “You know, at Mayday, we don’t provide legal advice. We encourage everyone, if you visit our site, we link at the top to the Reproductive Health Legal Line, where you can get that information from experts in the reproductive health space. We provide information, and we hope as many people as possible can get it.”

Governor Tate Reeves was asked about abortion medication during a national interview earlier this month.

“If abortion is illegal in our state, which it is, then those medicines will not be allowed, and they will not have a license to practice in our state,” said Reeves in early July.

We requested comment from the Governor and Attorney General’s offices about the legality of mailing the pills into the state but have not received a response.

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