Best Life: Prep for HIV prevention

Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 6:47 AM CDT
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ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) --- June 27th is national HIV Testing Day. This day brings community partners and healthcare providers together to promote testing, prevention, and treatment to reduce the spread of HIV. But a new study shows there may be a breakdown when it comes to prevention.

With new treatments and medications, HIV is no longer a death sentence. That’s especially true for Maricela Berumen who has lived with the disease for nearly 20 years.

“HIV doesn’t have me. I have HIV.”, states Berumen.

In addition to treatments, new advances have been made in in preventing the disease as well. One of the newest tools is a preventive medication called PrEP.

“Only ten percent of the over one million individuals that are really vulnerable to HIV were actually accessing PrEP. This is a once daily medication that individuals can take to significantly reduce their risk of acquiring HIV.”

But a survey of doctors discovered only about half of them prescribed PrEP to HIV-vulnerable patients. So how can someone get access to PrEP? Since a prescription is required, check with a primary doctor first. If you don’t have a doctor, use an HIV services locator to find a local PrEP provider. If medical insurance is a problem, a program called Ready, Set, Prep provides free medications. Giving access to care to end the HIV epidemic.

Another avenue to access PrEP: pharmacists. Colorado, Nevada, and California have all passed laws allowing pharmacists to prescribe PrEP. The study also found that primary care physicians were more likely to prescribe than infectious disease specialists.

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