Sherra Wright faces parole board in a bid for freedom

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 8:39 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A little less than 3 years after Sherra Wright took a plea deal in the case involving her ex-husband Lorenzen Wright, this was her first attempt to gain parole.

Sherra testified that she is ready to re-enter society. She will soon be graduating with her associates degree in business administration and has taken numerous self-improvement classes.

But Lorenzen Wright’s family says that’s not enough.

“But the act that took my nephew out of this world was unbelievable... that was just total evil! There’s no way to describe it other than evil,” Lorenzen Wright’s uncle, Lorenzen Searcy, said.

It was an emotional testimony Wedneday during Sherra Wright’s Parole hearing, where the now 51-year-old appeared via video conference at a rehabilitation center in Nashville.

Wright pled guilty to orchestrating the murder of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright.

Recruiting an alleged love interest Billy Ray Turner and her cousin Jimmie Martin to carry out the crime back in 2010.

“I just made bad decisions cause I was scared,” Sherra Wright said.

Sherra described her husband as abusive and a big time drug dealer, putting their family deep into debt, with threats to her children to pay back money owed.

And, although she admitted to luring Lorenzen back to Memphis just before the murder, she said she wasn’t involved beyond that point.

“And I was asking Billy questions and I could tell he was hiding something from me. And I was like we can just to go the police and tell them and they kept saying no because of the drugs and stuff that’s going to get us a drug charge,” Sherra said.

The 90-minute hearing included testimony from Sherra’s children and friends, District Attorney Amy Weirich and the lead investigator on the murder case. It ended with the presiding parole officer voting to deny Wright’s parole.

Lorenzen’s mother, Deborah Marion, wants her to serve her entire sentence.

“When she plead she took 30, let her take 30. She can come home after 30 because she is still able to do it again, I mean sitting around a table and planning a murder,” Marion said.

Sherra Wright’s children spoke at her hearing. They say they aren’t excusing their mother’s actions but believe she’s learned from them. They say it shows by how much “progress” she’s made while behind bars.

“Even with my mom playing a role in my father’s death, I still have to understand who she is in our life. She is a victim of domestic violence, abuse, whatever it is,” said Wright’s son, Lorenzen Wright Jr.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Wright’s daughter Loren shared how she took on a motherhood role at 19 after her mother was arrested.

“There’s so much that she’s learned since she’s been there,” said Wright’s daughter Loren. “I know that there is so much that she can do outside. Our family needs her. I’m not going to say that I can’t do it but I am not her. I’m not mommy.”

The rest of the parole board will vote administratively on whether or not to grant parole for Sherra.

There needs to be three concurring votes to reach a final decision.

We should know more within the next couple of weeks.

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