Mid-South lawyers share reaction to SCOTUS confirmation hearing

Published: Mar. 23, 2022 at 8:51 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Judges and lawyers from across the U.S. are glued to this week’s confirmation hearing.

Wednesday marks day 3 of hours of questioning for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Much of Tuesday’s questioning was about her values as well as rulings on previous court cases.

Some of the most intense questioning came from Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn.

“The word woman is so unclear and controversial that you can’t give me a definition?” Blackburn asked.

“Senator in my work as a judge what I do is I address disputes if there’s a dispute about a definition, people make arguments, and I look at the raw and I decide,” Jackson said.

Blackburn argued that Jackson’s “judicial activism” was a concern for Tennesseans.

Alexxas Johnson, President of the Black Law Student Association at the University of Memphis has been watching the hearings all week

“I think the questions that she has been asked have been interesting again, to say the least they kind of nitpick at certain things that they did not necessarily nitpick with other potential nominees,” Johnson said.

Memphis Bar Association President, Tannera George Gibson says Judge Jackson’s knowledge of the legal system and court cases is inspiring.

“It’s difficult to watch, but you know, it’s part of the process,” Gibson said. “So with, you know, with all of that, I’d be totally shocked if she’s not confirmed. And I just hope and pray that this is just part of the political process.”

If confirmed, Jackson will fill Justice Stephen Breyer’s upcoming vacancy and become the first Black woman to serve on the nation’s highest court. Democrats hope to confirm Jackson by early April.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin says he expects today’s questioning to end around 6 p.m., that’s if all senators stay within their allotted 20-minute time frame to ask Judge Jackson questions.

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