MDOT prepares roads before wintry weather on Sunday

MDOT prepares roads before wintry weather on Sunday
MDOT prepares roads before wintry weather on Sunday
Published: Jan. 15, 2022 at 10:31 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -Snow is rare in Mississippi, but it can cause some dangerous road conditions. According to MDOT, they’ve been preparing to ensure drivers are safe during tomorrow’s Alert Day.

Winter weather in Mississippi can be unpredictable. That’s why David Kenney with the Mississippi Department of Transportation is warning folks to stay aware of the wintry conditions to come.

“Unpredictable Mississippi weather, that is exactly what it is,” says Kenney. “We always have to remind motorists to stay on their toes, be ready for anything in the changing conditions.”

Over the last few days, MDOT has been preparing northern and central Mississippi counties for cold weather conditions, including snow and ice.

“Right now, it appears wet snow of accumulations of two inches or even up to four inches could be seen in the northern part of the state. But that goes all the way down to I-20. We have crews over in Meridian that are also making the same kind of preparations.”

Kenney says crews are ready with sand and salt to cover the roads - even treatment trucks to help keep ice from creating hazardous bridges.

However, while rain is still on the radar, those crews are on stand-by.

“They don’t want to put that treatment out because the rain will just wash it away. So what they’re doing right now, they’re waiting for the rain to move out.”

Once the rain stops in the overnight hours, crews will be out preparing the roads. But even with the preparation, drivers need to remember some key safety tips before getting behind the wheel.

“We know people are gonna have to get out and drive in this weather, but we just want everybody just to remain as safe as possible. Slow down. Number one, allow space between your vehicle and others. Also, break early to avoid skidding. If you do find yourself on an icy surface and avoid distractions put down the cell phone, no texting and driving. Just have your complete attention on the roadway if you’re having to drive in winter conditions.”

Kenney adds if you do need to drive tomorrow, pack an emergency kit for your car. That way, if you get stuck on an ice road and can’t get home, you will have blankets, warm clothes, and any tools to help you.

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