Records reveal additional inappropriate sexual behavior complaint against fired police chief

Former Turrell Police Chief Perry Jenning (mugshot)
Former Turrell Police Chief Perry Jenning (mugshot)(KAIT)
Published: Dec. 28, 2021 at 5:43 PM CST
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TURRELL, Ark. (KAIT) – Newly released documents reveal a now-former Region 8 police chief was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct by more than one woman prior to his arrest in December.

A sworn statement in the personnel file of now-former Turrell police chief Perry Jennings alleged he made a Turrell apartment complex manager feel “uncomfortable” when he responded to a call at the complex.

In the documents obtained from the city of Turrell through a Freedom of Information Request, the complex manager made the complaint regarding Perry’s behavior on October 4th.

The handwritten statement by the manager said the woman called police to the complex on October 2nd to handle a tenant issue. When Jennings arrived at the complex, the woman wrote Jennings said he wanted her “to take a ride in my truck and will go to the country and make a statement.” According to the written statement, the woman refused.

She wrote the October 2nd encounter was not the only time the former chief made her feel uncomfortable writing “I have tried too many times to tell him to stop. He has come up to my door talking about how I should go out with him and that time he grab and was rubbing his penis.”

Jennings was charged with rape and extortion on December 8th after Arkansas State Police investigated allegations that Jennings approached a woman at a gas station and took her back to the police department on October 3rd, where she said the sexual assault happened.

The woman told Region 8 News in October that she was on her way to Mississippi to pick her boyfriend up when she got tired and pulled over. She said she fell asleep.

In the chief’s own report from the morning of October 3rd, he stated he approached the gas station after observing it being parked. He wrote that he saw marijuana in the woman’s car after he approached it, took her to the police station, and then let her go.

“When we made it to the police department, she was still crying hard, and I asked her had she been in trouble before. She stated yes, for possession of control substance,” the chief’s report said. It went on to read the woman told Jennings she had to be to work at 9:00 a.m. so he told her he would give her “a break today but I should not. Then I told her she was free to go.”

Turrell Mayor Charles Webster said both incidents were turned over to ASP for investigation and hung up on a reporter when asked questions about the case, and when the complaints were turned over to ASP.

A spokesperson for ASP would not confirm details of the investigation, including how many complaints had been filed against the former chief.

“The Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division case file involving Perry Jennings remains in an active status and is ongoing,” ASP spokesman Bill Sadler wrote in response to questions from Region 8 News. “Only upon receipt of correspondence from the prosecuting attorney formally closing the investigation, or final adjudication of pending charges might the aspects of the investigation addressing your question be disclosed and would come in the form of publicly releasing the case file.”

The city of Turrell provided the complaint by the apartment complex manager, and a copy of Jennings personnel file after a Region 8 News lawyer sent a letter to the city requesting the documents after weeks of the city ignoring the initial Freedom of Information request from Region 8 News.

Jennings was fired by the city of Turrell after he was arrested on December 8th. At the time of his arrest, he was also a patrol officer for Luxora. The Luxora Police Chief has not returned numerous calls, but most recently said Jennings was still on paid leave.

Jennings has denied the allegations and maintains he is innocent. His attorney has not returned a call for comment.

The former police chief is expected to be back in court on December 31st for a plea hearing.

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