NARCAN now an option for Arkansas schools

Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 11:06 PM CST
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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KAIT/KARK) - All high schools in Arkansas have the option to have NARCAN on campus for free or at a reduced cost.

Over the past few years, NARCAN has been administered in Arkansas high schools, but access has been limited.

A new authorization letter from the Arkansas Department of Health is to have more medication on campuses across the state allowing it to be more easily accessible.

“Unfortunately, the statistics in our state do show that our youth are experimenting and using opioids,” said Suzanne Jones with the Arkansas Department of Education told KARK.

The growing opioid epidemic continues in Arkansas, worsened by a global pandemic.

“Particularly in rural states, it impacts higher because of social isolation and loneliness,” said Dr. Bala Simon with the Arkansas Department of Health

State agencies have come together to get free or reduced-cost NARCAN on qualifying campuses across the state.

The previous application process for the reduced cost or free doses required an authorizing physician and which many schools don’t have.

The importance of the new authorization gives every qualifying campus within a school district free or reduced doses.

Allowing every high school in a school district to have the medication on hand.

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