Friends use turbans to rescue trapped hikers

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 1:23 PM CDT
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VANCOUVER (CTV News) – A group of young men were forced to think fast when some hikers in a metro Vancouver park needed help right away.

A roaring, fast-moving river trapped two men near the Lower Falls trail at Golden Ears Provincial Park.

“The water is extremely fast, and there is pretty much no chance of survival if you would’ve fallen in,” Pitt Meadows Search and Rescue manager Rick Laing said.

Kuljinder Singh and his friends didn’t have cell phone reception, but they knew how to improvise.

They unraveled their three turbans and used their jackets to make a sturdy rope.

“In my Sikh culture, the only turban is for that, to save the life,” Singh explained.

The two stranded men eventually made their way up the makeshift rope, exhausted but safe.

“I thought it was quite resourceful. They showed great presence of mind to put something together in such a short time,” Laing said.

Video of the rescue has been seen thousands of times. Many people are calling the five friends heroes, but they don’t see themselves that way.

“In Sikh culture, you have to save people’s lives, not a matter of hero,” Singh said.

Laing said the men were “extremely lucky” the group passed by when they did, because he said at least one person a year slips and drowns after going over the falls in that area.

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