Breakdown: Why you may see more flies this fall

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 1:45 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -Fall is one of my favorite seasons. One of the reasons is the cooler air can get rid of unwanted insects, like mosquitoes and flies but one species remain active in the fall and sometimes into the winter.

The shorter days and nights bring longer periods of cooler temperatures. This causes many insects to start to look for a warm spot to stay. Some insects spend the winter as adults because they need protection from cold temperatures while insects survive winter in the form of eggs according to entomologists.

Those that are adults are more vulnerable and must find a suitable location where they can survive the cold temperatures. There are several species that make a yearly fall appearance, according to entomologist they include the Boxelder bugs, multi-colored Asian lady beetles, western conifer seed bugs and the dreaded cluster fly.

The one that is the most annoying is the cluster fly. They look like big houseflies and are found in groups on a sunny day outside or indoors. Cluster flies are dull black and gray with golden hairs on their bodies. They look so much like house flies that many people think their is appearance is because of their housekeeping habits. Entomologist say it has more to do with a healthy earthworm population nearby.

Some people don’t experience them until winter. On a sunny, warm winter day, cluster flies are surrounded with warm air and can be revived after hibernating. They can sometimes find their way into your warm home.

According to pet control technicians, controling cluster flies is the same as house flies that arrive in the spring and summer. Pest Control Technicians suggest fixing any caulking or sealing around doors, windows and other areas. Seal up those entrances around your home that can allow small insects access inside your home. These flies can come through a crack that is just the thickness of a credit card. Cluster flies in the fall can be found in your home or end up in the attic or somewhere in between.

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