Breakdown: Why September could be a good month to look up

Published: Sep. 6, 2021 at 2:40 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -There is so much see to see in the night sky in September, if you get some clear nights.

On September 6 & 7th as the moon and Venus will be close but will be at the closest On September 9. Venus will sparkle bright near a beautiful crescent moon.

Comet 4P will be at its closest approach to the sun on September 10. You will need a telescope to view and an early start. The best time to view the comet will be between 2 am & 5 am. This is the best time to find it streaking across the sky.

On September 11th, you may be able to catch a duo, asteroid 2 Pallas will be visible and close to Neptune in the night sky. The timeframe of the 11th and 14th is a great opportunity to pull out your telescope and try to see these two objects in the constellation Aquarius. The icy planet Neptune can’t be seen without some sort of magnification but will be at opposition on September 14th and well-lit by the sun will mean a good opportunity to try to spot the distant planet. To view Neptune look toward the southern sky.

On September 16th night, the moon will be close to Saturn, but due to moonlight, it maybe harder to find Saturn’s rings or any of its moons.

Just one day later on September 17, the moon will be near Jupiter and Saturn will still be in the same area of the sky, so you may be able to catch all three.

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