Mid-South Hero focused on mentoring young men

Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 6:49 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - “Pastor Jackson is a person of great moral character and he concerns himself with the community,” Families Matters volunteer Gregory Grant said.

That sense of connecting with his community began early. In 1964 a husband and wife loaded up their children and personal belongings to move from the Windy City to the Bluff City.

A musical family that didn’t allow the restraints of segregation to slow the beat of their dreams.

One of their sons was voted “Most Talented” in school-playing piano, drums, and saxophone just to name a few.

Fast-forward to 2021, that son’s talents led him to the pulpit, following in his father’s footsteps and robe.

Ivory Jackson is the senior pastor at Faith Temple Ministries Church, COGIC.

Pastor Jackson is our Mid-South Hero because of what he does when the eyes of young men are watching.

“What Ivory learned from his mistakes he now shares with others to help them not make the same mistakes,” Ivory Jackson’s aunt Carol Jackson said.

That’s the reason Carol Jackson, the executive director of Families Matter, thought her nephew would be a perfect fit.

Pastor Jackson is a father of 7, actively involved in his children’s and grandchildren’s lives - that experience helped him counsel new fathers on navigating a new normal.

“He has a little experience, so that’s how I really got involved in the community and doing things outside of the church as far as working with fathers, men,“ Ivory Jackson said.

After that, the program grew and set its sights on schools with ‘Twelve Principles of Manhood’, a curriculum used to teach 4th graders.

But the first principle taught is, “Today I will stand and be a man.”

Once they take a stand, the day is comprised of following other principles.

“Today I will bow down to my creator and give thanks for a I am respectfully and wonderfully made. Today I will reject the easy way because it may lead me down a crooked path. Today I will show the highest respect for all women,” Ivory Jackson said.

For Pastor Jackson, teaching responsibility to young boys is significant in reducing crime.

He says, there is a direct correlation between the absence of a father in the home and an uptick in crime.

Knowing that lead Pastor Jackson to mentor boys in Whitehaven, Westwood and Frayser.

“A lot of them said well because my dad wasn’t there, I’m angry at my father,” Ivory Jackson said.

”If in fact we had this kind of situation maybe 15 years ago, we wouldn’t be experiencing what we’re experiencing today. With all the shootings, killings and little kids dying,” Grant said.

One pastor has taken it upon himself to help young men who are hurting so they won’t hurt others.

“When you take other’s uhm issues, and you want to make sure they’re better because you understand where they are. That’s a hero,” Carol Jackson said.

Congratulations Pastor Ivory Jackson on being this month’s Mid-South Hero.

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