Attorneys and friend of Goode family react to settlement reached with City of Southaven

Southaven Mayor issues statement
Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 6:17 PM CDT
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OXFORD, Miss. (WMC) - Before the second day of trial in the case of Goode vs. the City of Southaven took place at the U.S. District Court in Oxford, a settlement was reached between the city and the family of Troy Goode.

Attorney for the Goode family, Kevin McCormack, said the defense attorney waved him over as the jury was entering the courtroom.

“We had been negotiating quite a while to try and reach a fair settlement in this case,” McCormack said. “I’m very pleased that on the second day of trial, the city decided that it was the right time to go ahead and settle the case.”

Goode was attending a concert in Southaven July 18, 2015. He had taken a hit of LSD and shortly after leaving the concert was seen wandering in and around Goodman Road.

Several 911 calls were made, prompting first responders to arrive on the scene.

After using a taser and a police dog, police hogtied Goode, strapped him face-down on a stretcher, and loaded him into an ambulance enroute to the hospital.

Goode was hogtied for 90 minutes and later died in the hospital.

Southaven police argued that this was not a hogtie, that hogties were abolished by SPD 20 years ago and what witnesses saw was not what they made it out to be.

While the amount of the settlement has been kept confidential, McCormack and his co-counsel Hiram Eastland said it’s enough to ensure the Goode family’s financial future is taken care of.

“Just looking at our client this morning after we were able to do this, there was a burden lifted off her shoulders,” Eastland said.

“No amount of money will ever bring someone back, but the family is happy that they were able to fight and after six years, they were able to get justice for Troy,” McCormack added.

Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite issued the following statement on the settlement reached with the Goode family:

Meanwhile, supporters of the Goode family say they’re glad to see this ordeal come to an end after six years.

“As painful as this situation is, it’s been a joy to watch that there is still some good in this world,” said Sam Maroon, a friend of the Goode family.

Maroon was a pallbearer at Goode’s funeral.

Shortly after Goode’s death, he and others started the Facebook page, Justice for Troy.

Please see Kelli’s post below. If anyone can make it, we would love your support.

Posted by Justice For Troy on Friday, July 9, 2021

In the six years leading up to the trial against Southaven, the page gained over 4,000 followers, many of them fans of the band Widespread Panic, the band who was playing at the concert Goode attended the night he died.

Maroon had originally planned to attend that concert with Goode, but couldn’t get his time-off request approved.

“Where there is love, there is hope,” Maroon said, quoting from the Widespread Panic Song, “This Part of Town.” “People from all walks of life, people we’ve never met have shown their support.”

Both Maroon and the attorneys for the Goodes are glad the settlement with the city was reached before the end of the trial.

It was expected that the trial would last well into the following week.

“Each day of the trial was going to be reliving some of that trauma,” McCormack said. “I’m extremely pleased that [Southaven] decided to settle this case. It was the best thing for the city. It was the best thing for the Goodes. It was the best thing for all of the personnel in the city of Southaven who were involved in this tragic incident.”

“As much as I want it to be over, I still want some accountability,” Maroon said. “I want to see this case referred to federal civil rights investigation. Troy’s civil rights were violated.”

Though this does not bring Goode back, his family now has reason enough to move on from the tragic loss and can look to the future of building a life with the fair settlement they’ve been compensated with.

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