Investigators blame fireworks for multiple weekend fires in Horn Lake

Published: Jul. 5, 2021 at 9:08 PM CDT
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HORN LAKE, Miss. (WMC) - Firefighters in Horn Lake were busy on the Fourth of July putting out several fires believed to be started by fireworks.

And one man had to be rescued by a neighbor after his house was burned so badly.

“It’s gone. It’s gone. This house is completely, it needs to be torn down,” said fire victim Bobby Marshall.

There is not much left of Marshall’s Horn Lake home.

There used to be a carport where the car is burned and the trees. Inside the house, everything is charred. Marshall is grateful his daughter and two grandchildren, who live with him, were not at home. He credits a neighbor for saving his life.

“If somebody didn’t come over here banging on the door, I might not have made it out of here because I was laying there sound asleep on the couch,” he said.

Home security video from a neighbor appears to show fireworks hitting the house. You can see several flashes as the fire rapidly spreads throughout the entire house.

Karla Smith, who lives next door, says she ran and banged on Marshall’s door.

“My grandkids ran in the house, ‘somebody’s house on fire next door.’ So, I jumped out of my bed and ran outside,” Smith explained.

Smith’s car and house were also damaged. She says she was shocked by how fast the fire spread.

A couple of miles away, fireworks are suspected of burning two cars parked next to each other. Horn Lake Fire Chief David Linville says a teenage girl had her hearing damaged from a firework that zoomed by.

Linville says fireworks are made with gunpowder and are very dangerous, especially in a neighborhood.

“It’s very hard to do this stuff when you’re in the subdivision where everybody is real close to each other. You’re basically shooting your fireworks in your yard and they are falling in you’re neighbor’s yard,” Linville said.

Horn Lake Alderman Jackie Bostick says Horn Lake is the only city in Desoto County where it is legal shoot off fireworks.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, period, unless they are displayed for the public to see,” Bostick said.

Bostick says he will continue to push to make it illegal to set off fireworks in the city of Horn Lake.

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