Metro retailers fully stocked, doing well despite nationwide fireworks shortage

Retailers say business is booming, despite national fireworks shortage.
Retailers say business is booming, despite national fireworks shortage.
Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 11:56 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Inside Robbie’s Fireworks in Jackson, it’s another busy day.

Customers are stocking up on fireworks as they look to light up the sky on Independence Day.

“Sales right now are tracking above last year,” said Robbie Covington, owner of Robbie’s Fireworks. “I’m anticipating us having another record fireworks season as we did during the Fourth of July in 2020, so we’re really excited about that.”

For Covington, much of that excitement is because he still has product to sell despite facing a significant challenge.

“Shipping is our biggest problem,” he said.

And it’s caused by a nationwide shortage of fireworks.

“China had Covid first, which they shut everything down as well as the United States did, so it took them a while to get back up and running, so they got them behind,” Covington explained. “Then here in 2020, we had a record Fourth of July season and a record New Year’s season, which we depleted our entire United States supply of fireworks.”

The shortfall is now resulting in increased prices for fireworks, and it’s causing delays in getting inventory.

“We’re running about 50 percent down nationwide,” said Covington.

However, the shortage isn’t causing problems at Loco Joe’s or Crazy J’s in Byram.

“We’re getting the job done,” said Queen Jones, with Crazy J’s Fireworks. “We do have fireworks, and we do have another shipment coming in maybe tomorrow or Thursday, so we’re good, we’re good right now.”

Workers said hundreds of customers have already come in, and they expect that number to continue increasing as the holiday approaches.

“The popular fireworks that we will be selling this year will be the ammo crate for $175, the Goliath for $150, and the biggest and largest of them all will be the Big and Bold. It’s not here yet, but you’re gonna wanna save your money,” said Cashira Thornburg, with Loco Joes.

Due to the shipment issues, stores are encouraging customers not to wait until the last minute to buy their fireworks.

They say the sooner you can buy them, the better because once they run out of product, they won’t be able to quickly restock due to the nationwide shortage.

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