Team Waste takes over trash collection for Waste Pro

Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 6:47 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Monday, a new waste collection company named Team Waste took over solid waste collection for Waste Pro after residents complained that trash would sit on the curb, sometimes for weeks at a time.

Residents on Scarletcrest Lane are happy for one simple reason, their trash bins have been picked up and are empty.

It’s the first day on the job for Team Waste and their crews got to work in Hickory Hill Monday.

“To see all these people out here, it’s pretty good,” said Arthur Dallas who lives in Hickory Hill.

“Kind of like the first days of school if you will,” Andrew Densing, President for Team Waste said. “Everybody is getting familiarized with us and each other.”

Sunday, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland terminated the contract with beleaguered trash collection company Waste Pro, claiming Waste Pro missed 7,000 thousand trash pickups during a 3 week period.

“Oh man, it’s been hectic out here, these garbage people,” said Carl Daniel, who also lives in Hickory Hill. “Two and three weeks sometimes without getting picked up.”

Team Waste has been operating in the Mid-South since 2015 and is locally owned and operated.

Team Waste President Andrew Densing says they hired an additional 30 employees and will be using 26 garbage trucks to cover trash collection in areas of Hickory Hill, Cordova and East Memphis.

“You’ve got to put the right amount of equipment out to service the area and we feel that we’re putting the right amount of equipment and personnel out on the streets every day to be able to pick up all the waste,” said Densing.

Residents say they’ve had problems with trash pick up for a very long time.

They’re excited for a change and are hoping to see results.

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“I’m not a little skeptical, I’m a lot skeptical because everything goes good on the first day,” said Daniel. “That’s like if you get a new job, you’re going to be good on that first day because you want to come back but as the months go on, you’ll see what you really have as a worker.”

“Assume the responsibility for picking up the trash, we shouldn’t have any trash, we shouldn’t have any problem but I’m satisfied seeing the progress that’s being made,” Dallas said.

According to the City of Memphis, Team Waste will collect solid waste for the next 6 to 12 months as the solid waste division evaluates whether to put the contract out to bid or bring the operation in-house.

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