The Investigators: How to keep your heater working during freezing temperatures

Updated: Feb. 16, 2021 at 9:13 PM CST
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Memphis, Tenn. (WMC) -Abnormally frigid temperatures are keeping HVAC systems running overtime in Mid-South homes as well as the technicians trying to fix units that can’t handle the stress.

People are posting on next door that the heat in their home or neighbor’s home isn’t working and they need help.

David Carroll answers calls for help at best care home services.

Carroll said gas valves are freezing and systems are working overtime, causing issues and outages.

“This right here is a weird phenomenon we’re under right now so this is not normal for memphis,” said Carroll.

He said before you have to call him, make sure you change your air filter every three months, which helps the unit breathe.

Also, schedule an HVAC tune-up twice a year.

“Just making sure the gas chambers are clean and vacuum out the debris. Making sure the filter’s changed. Making sure nothing’s built a nest in the combustion chamber or vent going out the roof,” he said.

Set your thermostat to no more than 68 degrees.

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“If you’ve got it set to 70 or 75, it’s not gonna get there. It’s gonna struggle. It’s gonna run all day,” he said.

If your heat does go out, don’t use the oven or stove to heat your home.

It’s dangerous and could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

You can temporarily use a space heater but make sure it’s on a solid surface and kept away from anything combustible, and away from pets and children.

Also, check your windows and doors to make sure there are no drafts and if there are, use towels to close the gap.

Finally, call a certified HVAC technician to fix your unit.

It’s too cold to be without heat for very long.

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