MAS introduces PetHub tags to reunify lost pets

Updated: Jan. 29, 2021 at 5:18 PM CST
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis Animal Services is switching to new rabies tags to help reunify lost pets with their owners.

Reuniting a pet with its owner is not always a quick and easy process.

“Historically what we’ve always done is offer rabies tags for the entire county of Shelby County. They were metal tags that had an engraved number on them,” said Alexis Pugh, Director of Memphis Animal Services.

Pugh says the metal tags were not the most efficient way to find a pet and return it to its owner.

“Someone would have to look at that number, contact us, we’d have to look at our records,” she explained.

It was a tedious process that Pugh hopes to end by offering new PetHub tags at MAS.

“Every single tag has a unique QR code on it. What that’s going to do is if a pet parent participates in just the slightest way to register that tag, we’re going to get their lost pet back to them so much more quickly,” Pugh said.

Once pet parents register online, the tag’s QR code can be scanned by a phone camera and the info about the pet’s owner will pop up.

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“The person who finds your pet is going to have your contact information without having to go through Memphis Animal Services or the veterinary clinic that issued the tag,” said Pugh.

The feature is free, but there is also a paid subscription owners can opt into that includes additional features.

“If my dog were to get lost and they found him and they scanned the QR code, not only would they get my information, but I would get a text message on my phone with a link to a GPS location of where my dog was scanned,” Pugh said about the paid features.

Pugh says the new tags have already been offered at most vets in the county, and that the switch at MAS is worth it.

“Getting pets back to their owners when they get lost is absolutely a critical component to life saving in our community, and what we want to be a part of,” said Pugh.

Pet owners can activate their PetHub tags here.

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