Investigation launched after skeletal remains found on Mud Island

Updated: Jan. 25, 2021 at 5:06 AM CST
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Memphis Police Department said a landscaping crew removing tall brush Saturday afternoon found bones that were later determined to be from a human.

Sunday morning, police investigators went back to the scene and gathered additional evidence.

“That’s a little concerning. I hope they find out what the cause of that is, or where they came from,” said Connor Ryan, a local photographer.

Liszt Houska lives nearby.

“It’s a great place to come and walk and exercise so, it is a little nerve-racking,” said Houska.

Mud Island Park is a popular destination for tourists and Memphians who want to get outdoors.

The bones were discovered a couple of hundred yards away from the giant “Memphis” sign.

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Sunday afternoon, WMC found Ryan taking pictures with a drone and Houska walking her dog.

“It’s weird that something I go to so frequently that they find a potential crime scene,” said Ryan.

“It’s definitely scary,” Houska said. “I mean there’s never a ton of people over here and security is something that you would kind of wonder about because there’s not a lot of oversight.”

Investigators said at this point they do not know the gender, race, or what caused this person’s death.

This remote area of the South Side of the Mud Island Park is where the human remains were discovered.

People who walk in this area told WMC Action News 5 for several months during the year this part of the park is submerged in water from the Mississippi River.

When that water recedes, this area is normally covered in a prickly brush.

Police are working to determine how long the remains have been there.

It’s unclear if they were placed at this spot or if they washed up in the Mississippi River.

“I hope they’re able to be able to confirm what happened and where it came from. I hope they can figure out that information,” said Houska.

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