‘I just felt this immense wave of relief;’ Some Mississippians relieved, others concerned with outcome of presidential election

President-elect Joe Biden projected to be the next U.S. President
Updated: Nov. 7, 2020 at 10:33 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It didn’t take long for news to spread across Mississippi about President-elect Joe Biden being projected to win the presidential election.

For Lloyd Gray and his wife Katherine, they instantly felt a sense of hope and relief when they discovered the news.

“I just felt this immense wave of relief, and soon after that just tears coming down,” said Katherine Gray, Hinds County resident.

“I was happy, I was very optimistic in hoping that this would bring a lot of people together, and that we would just have an opportunity to really grow,” said Lloyd Gray, Hinds County resident.

However, not everyone felt that way.

“My reaction was disbelief but understanding that we knew the fix was in,” said Bill Ford, Panola County resident. "This was not a surprise to the informed.”

“I’m still not buying it, I’m rejecting it,” said Michael Bostic, Tate County resident.

With Biden being the projected winner, some view it as a powerful and historic moment, especially with Kamala Harris set to become the first female to serve as vice president.

“We had our first black president, now we’re going to have our first vice president as a lady,” said Joseph Thomas, Rankin County resident. "Mrs. Harris is sharp as a tact, I promise you she is so smart.”

“I think that this is only the beginning of a long overdue movement to have more representation, to have women and women of color in high offices in our country,” said Katherine Gray.

Then there are others who believe a Biden Presidency won’t be good for the country, and are still having a hard time coming to grips with the outcome.

“They’ve already talked about taking our guns away, Kamala and Joe,” said Don Hartness, Jones County resident. "They’ve talked about tax hikes going up, wearing masks 100 percent of the time, shutting down our economy. We just went through a huge shutdown, we can’t do that again. Our way of life is going to change as we know it.”

"This is so serious to me I can’t even express it because America is at stake,” said Ford.

“We’re not going to start rioting in the streets and stuff like that, that’s just not who we are,” said Bostic. "We are patriots and these things happen from time to time.”

President Donald Trump has yet to concede to Joe Biden.

In fact he’s threatening further legal action on ballot counting.

As of now, Biden’s inauguration is expected to take place January 20th, 2021.

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