All school districts in Shelby County have more female teachers

Updated: Oct. 5, 2020 at 5:54 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It’s World Teacher Day, and nationally, there are more female teachers than male.

“Having an effective teacher is the most important thing in the classroom,” Michael Taylor, a teacher at Germanshire Elementary, said.

World Teacher Day highlights all the individuals who are educating the next generation.

“They are just awesome teachers, they have connections with the students, they go far beyond just being in a classroom,” Antuan Knapp, principal at Germanshire Elementary, said.

Knapp says he’s extremely proud of his staff and says it’s important for him to have a balance of female and male teachers.

“The numbers have increased the four years that I’ve been here, and we just hired another man this year, so it’s my goal that every year that hopefully I can add another man to the staff,” Knapp said.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics “, 76 percent of public school teachers were female and 24 percent were male in 2017–18” and the percentage is lower for elementary male teachers.

Percentage breakdown of the instructional level and sex of educators
Percentage breakdown of the instructional level and sex of educators(National Center for Education Statistics)

In Shelby County there are more female teachers:

  • SCS says 80% of their teachers are female and 22% are male
  • Millington says 78% female and 22% male
  • Collierville 84% female and 16 % male
  • Bartlett 82% female and 18 % male
  • Arlington 76% female and 23 % male
  • Lakeland reporting 90% female and 9 % male

At Germanshire Elementary there are only nine male teachers and they say it’s the most rewarding job they can have.

“As educators, we have a great privilege to be helping to shape and form this new generation,” Jonathan Calheiros, Bilingual Mentor, Germanshire Elementary, said.

“Seeing the students run into the building every day, and yell, 'Hey, Mr. Cunningham,” Travarious Cunningham, teacher at Germanshire Elementary, said.

“Probably, my proudest moment was when I had a student who I no longer taught, actually a different school call me over the summer just to tell me what she had learned that year, and what she as doing, and it made me feel good. It made me feel like I’d actually made a connection in her life and hopefully improved it,” Taylor said.

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