SCS provides internet hotspots for 24,000 families

Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 7:23 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Bridging the digital divide is about more than providing computers, Shelby County Schools understands this and that’s why, aside from handing out digital devices, they are also providing internet hotspots for families.

“We’ll be handing out 24,000 devices,” said Kevin Woods who represents District 4 on the SCS board.

On Monday SCS began distributing digital devices to families. They also handed out MiFi’s, a small device that provides an internet hotspot.

School board member Kevin Woods says the beauty of these MiFi’s is that up to five devices can be connected.

“Allowing families to take a device home where multiple people can connect at the same time was both a call saving, but also an opportunity for parents to take advantage of that technology as well,” said Woods.

Woods says the district carefully reviewed which families need internet access and believes the number is about 20,000.

“We surveyed every family, we’ve looked at those individuals that are economically disadvantaged,” said Woods.

Woods continued to say the pandemic has shed light on the number of families who do not have internet access.

He says the MiFi devices are just a temporary solution and says conversations to find a more permanent solution are already taking place.

“I have been involved in conversations. I also know that the chamber is having these conversations, both mayors are starting to bring together teams of individuals that can help tackle these problems,” said Woods.

Digital device distribution continues through the month of August on a set schedule. To view the schedule click [HERE].

If you missed your time slot to pick up your device or were not selected to receive a MiFi you can call (901) 416-5300.

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