Breakdown: Why you need to protect your pets paws in the summer

Published: Jul. 27, 2020 at 11:31 AM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Sunshine can heat up the ground quickly, from the grass to the asphalt. Those soaring temperatures can be dangerous for our four legged friends. In the episode of The Breakdown, we explain why you should protect your pets paws in the summer sun.

Getting out and exercising with our dogs or letting our cats roam the back yard. Those sound like fun times for our pets, but that can quickly turn dangerous as the sun heats up the surfaces our pets walk on.

For example, if the air temperature is 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside, a grassy surface in a shaded area will heat up to around 90 degrees. That is hot for many to walk on but not overly dangerous. If that area of grass was not shaded, the temperatures would heat up to around 105 degrees. Becoming a bit more uncomfortable for our pets to stand on.

If you are walking on a concrete sidewalk with your dog or cat, the temperature will soar to 125 degrees or higher in 95 degree temperatures. If you walk on asphalt with your pet, that temperature could be 140 degrees or warmer, making it dangerous for the pet to walk on.

As we know, dogs and cats aren’t protected like humans, they usually don’t put on shoes with rubber soles to protect their feet. That means at 5 minutes, paws can burn at 120 degrees. In a mere minute a pets paws can burn at temperatures around 140 degrees.

To protect your pet, animal rights leaders explain to press the back of your hand firmly on the asphalt for around 7 seconds. That way you can verify if it is comfortable or not for your pet to walk on the asphalt, concrete or grass.

Dehydration can also be an issue with your dog or cat due to the hot sidewalk temperatures. Animal rights leaders explain, if the dogs behavior becomes lethargic, reduced energy levels or disinterested, or eyes are sunken and dry, even the mouth and nose being dry, sticky gums, skin is not elastic or the body is producing dark urine either too much or too little, you need to seek help for your animal.

By making sure you pet has ample water, and trying to do walks in the early morning at night can help with keeping your four legged friend safe in the summer sun.

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