Mid-South Heroes: Public servant gives his all to his community

Updated: Feb. 27, 2020 at 3:54 PM CST
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Mid-South man with a heart for helping others is being honored for giving his all to his community.

His dedication to public service makes him this month’s Mid-South Hero!

Long hours and difficult work -- the life of any public servant can be a demanding one.

But from the moment he wakes up until he lays down to sleep, this month's Mid-South Hero gives everything he has to his community.

Andy Griffith's value for public service started at an early age.

"My parents were always my heroes," said Griffith. "Watching my parents being [in] service to others. Professions: a pastor and a nurse, it influenced me to do what I do now."

Griffith is a Germantown police officer who volunteers as a reserve firefighter and an instructor for a Citizens Community Response Team. He's also a member of Tennessee Task Force 1.

In that role he was among a team that traveled to Florida last summer to aid relief efforts following Hurricane Dorian.

A workload like that would tire anyone out, but a mantra he got from his shift supervisor sums up the drive that keeps him going.

"Be a ray of sunshine to others. Help where needed. That's what I try to do. Strive every day to help others,” said Griffith.

"It's natural for him,” said Teresa Griffith, Andy Griffith’s wife.

Griffith’s wife sees firsthand how he tackles every day.

"Empathy and compassion for others,” said Teresa Griffith. “He literally gets out of bed every morning and never thinks about himself."

Like most of our Mid-South Heroes, Andy Griffith doesn't consider himself one -- but ask the people who know him best and they'll tell you.

Much like what Andy saw in his parents, Teresa says their kids see the same in him.

"’Where is the cape?’ All three have asked the exact same question. ‘Where is daddy's cape? Because all super heroes have capes,’" said Teresa.

There may be no cape, but your dedication to service and helping people when they need it the most makes you, Andy Griffith, this month's Mid-South Hero.

If you know someone worthy of being called a hero, nominate them here.

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