11 animals found dead from poison in Marked Tree

Updated: Feb. 20, 2020 at 10:44 PM CST
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MARKED TREE, Ark. (KAIT) - A Marked Tree woman cannot come to terms with why someone would commit such a heinous crime against her two pets.

Her cat and dog were found dead and it has been determined that they were poisoned.

“I feel like I’ve lost a piece of my heart," the owner of the animals, Tonya Carpenter, said.

Along with Tonya’s two pets, nine other animals were found dead.

It all started on Sycamore Street Monday morning. She woke up to her dog lying in her driveway.

“We just thought she might have got hit and came in the driveway, but an hour later, we found my cat in this driveway, right in front of this abandoned house,” Carpenter said.

Then things started to become a little suspicious, so she started to investigate.

“We started looking around the houses and we noticed several cats. Just one, two, three,“ Carpenter said.

And when she made it to the back of the abandoned house, she found another cat and possum dead inside.

She immediately called animal control, who in turn, called the police department because of the crazy scene.

As the investigation continued, four more animals were found dead.

The Marked Tree Police Department confirmed it all Thursday in a press release, saying in part:

"Over the last 48-72 hours, several animals have been discovered deceased in Marked Tree. These animals have been located in a specific area of the city (a neighborhood in the northwest area of the city). As of this press release, it is believed that seven (7) cats, two (2) dogs, and two (2) possums have been victims of this event. We know that some of these were local family pets and others are apparently strays and wild animals.

Based on the lack of signs of any trauma to these animals, it has been determined that they were poisoned in some fashion. The location of these animals being in a very close proximity also leads to that conclusion.

All residents are being strongly cautioned to be extremely vigilant over their pets while this is being investigated."

Tonya wanted to confirm if it was “poison” herself after finding cat food inside the abandoned home.

“It was like this black substance in the cat food that just didn’t look right,” Carpenter said.

And the results came back, they told her it was Temik.

A dangerous pesticide used on crops and a substance that can even kill humans.

“Five minutes the most, then I come check on him and he’s back in,” a Sycamore Street resident said.

April Largo only lives a couple of houses down and she says she been keeping her dog on a tight leash. She also warning everyone in the neighborhood if they see someone walking around that they don’t know, keep an eye on them.

Tonya is echoing that same message.

“Keep your animals close to you because there are some sick people out here,” Carpenter said.

This is an open investigation and if you have any information call the department at 870-358-2024.

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