Files reveal former MPD detective helped woman involved in murder investigation become a stripper

Published: Feb. 4, 2020 at 10:22 PM CST
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Stunning new details have been uncovered about a former Memphis Police detective who retired as he was under investigation. Internal files show he helped a woman involved in a murder case to become a stripper!

Bridgett Stafford is the woman at the center of a police internal investigation into a former Memphis police homicide detective, Eric Kelly.

The police internal affairs file has shocking details about the sexual relationship Kelly had with Stafford, who is also charged as an accessory in a brutal 2017 murder of a 60-year-old chemist from Little Rock. Two other men were charged with his murder.

The file shows Kelly actually issued the warrant for the arrest of Stafford in December 2018 and was the case investigator in the murder investigation. The file shows Kelly, officer Sheila Green and Stafford drove to Montgomery, Alabama in a city-issued vehicle on a work-related trip.

Green said Stafford was already in the car when Kelly picked her up. And it was known according to investigators that Kelly knew Stafford was a high ranking gang member.

Kelly and Stafford stayed in the same hotel room. At one point investigators say Stafford decided she wanted to become a topless dancer. And Kelly got her a job at the Gold Club buying her outfits and accessories for her job as a stripper.

The file also says Kelly gave Stafford thousands of dollars in person or by Cash App during their relationship.

The file indicates MPD found out about the relationship from Stafford’s boyfriend.

Kelly suddenly retired last year in the middle of the investigation.

DA Amy Weirich said in a news conference last month that Kelly would not face any criminal charges.

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