'I’m not a hero’ Mississippi state trooper jumps into action to save a baby in distress

Updated: Sep. 19, 2019 at 11:03 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - What would you do if a distraught mother burst into your workplace with a baby in distress... not breathing. A Mississippi state trooper knew exactly what to do and now a 6-month-old is alive because of his heroic action.

Trooper Donnell Feazell’s day as supervisor of the Troop C drivers license division in Pearl was pretty routine until a woman from a nearby neighborhood dashed into the building asking for help with a seemingly lifeless baby in her arms.

Trooper Donnell Feasel said,"And so, I ran out, picked the baby up. The baby was limp. I started giving mouth to mouth."

But Feazell said little 6-month-old Easton Cooper was in and out even after the mouth to mouth. He knew he had to get the child to a hospital.

Sgt. Feasell continued,"Then, started thinking about it. I said it’s a lot of traffic out here, so I decided to take the baby in my patrol car."

Jackson firefighter Kevin Meadows, who happened to be there to get his license renewed held the baby while Feasell drove.

“I think he did a wonderful job.”, said Thelma Scott.

Thelma Scott is little Easton Cooper’s aunt. She got to the emergency room as fast as she could.

She said, “I just thank the Lord that he’s here. I prayed all the way here and he answered my prayer and he answered my prayer to have them there to help him and the nurses and doctors to help us too.”

Sgt. Feazell said, in all his military and law enforcement career, he’s never had to use CPR, but he’s thankful for the training.

His supervisor, Lt Col. Ken Brown said, “Our mission here is to save lives and it just showed today that Sgt Feazell used his training that we give all of our troopers and you never know when it’s going to be needed.”

As for Sgt. Donnell Feazell, his response to being hailed a hero?

“I’m not a hero, uh, just work training and all; just thank God I was there to render aid to the baby and the baby is okay and made it okay.”, said Feazell.

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