More details released by law enforcement about man shot, killed in Frayser

Updated: Jun. 13, 2019 at 11:05 PM CDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Law enforcement is revealing more information about the man who was shot and killed by U.S. Marshals.

“A photo spread was shown to our victim and he positively ID’d Mr. Webber as being the one who shot him," said John Champion, District Attorney.

North Mississippi DA John Champion says that is how U.S. Marshals ended up in Frayser, trying to serve felony warrants on 20-year-old Brandon Webber.

Investigators say Webber was developed as a suspect in a Hernando shooting where a man was trying to sell a red Infiniti on Facebook Marketplace.

After a test drive, investigators say Webber and the victim started negotiating the price outside the car.

Webber shot the victim around 10 p.m., near Hill and MLK in Hernando, and took the car.

“He shot him for dead. he shot him five times, point blank,” said Scott Worsham, Hernando Police Chief.

Webber was not easy to find because of what police say he did to cover his tracks.

“He used a bogus Facebook account, Mr. Webber did. He used a bogus phone number," said Kyle Hodge, Hernando Police Captain.

Investigators identified the car Webber was in when he was shot by Marshals as the same red Infiniti the victim was trying to sell.

They say there is a second suspect believed to have driven Webber to DeSoto County and was also present when the victim was shot.

Tony Farese, attorney for the Southern Police Benevolent Association, is representing the U.S. Marshals who shot Webber.

He would not confirm how many Marshals. Farese said the Marshals boxed Webber in with their vehicles and Webber pointed a gun at them.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says Webber tried to ram the Marshals’ vehicles.

“Shot five times and left him for dead. That’s the vehicle he was caught in that is the vehicle he was apprehended in and he had an AR pistol he tried to use on the US Marshals. That is why the Marshals had to fire on self-defense because of their training," said Farese.

Farese says he expects the Marshals to be cleared in the shooting.

“It’s our position, this is absolutely a clean shoot. The officers did nothing wrong," said Farese.

The Hernando victim is expected to survive.

Police are actively searching for the second suspect.

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